Frequently asked questions

The tattooing process might be unclear. Aviv is here to help.


The Tattooing Process

  • 1. Booking

    Book an appointment.
    For large and elaborate designs, a prior, separated consultation appointment is usually needed.
  • 2. Tattooing

    When you get your beautiful tattoo done, Aviv might divide larger tattoos into several sessions.
  • 3. Aftercare

    After completing the tattoo, the aftercare treatment begins. Typically, it takes between 2-4 weeks for the tattoo to heal.
  • 4. Check up

    A month after creating the tattoo, Aviv recommend a check-up to make sure that the tattoo healed properly.

General FAQ's

Booking an appointment can is achievable by phone, WhatsApp, Instagram, email or Facebook. Contact Aviv

A consultation appointment is necessary before the actual tattoo appointment, as it allow Aviv to create a sketch of the design that the tattoo he’ll use during the tattoo process. During this appointment, Aviv will discuss various aspects of the design, such as placement, size, and artistic ideas.

While a consultation appointment may not be necessary for a simple tattoo design, most designs do require one. Therefore, we recommend to book a consultation appointment to ensure that Aviv has a clear understanding of your design preferences before the tattooing process begins.

Its understandable that it can be challenging to describe precisely what you want when getting a tattoo, and that’s okay. That’s where Aviv use his artistic expertise to create a design to tailor it to your specific needs.

To help him better understand your desired tattoo design, Aviv recommend that you gather and bring a few image samples along with you, preferably on a USB flash drive. This will allow us to have a clearer idea of what you have in mind and ensure that he’ll create a design that meets your expectations.

*A good place to start drawing your inspiration and references from is Pinterest.

It is crucial to prioritize getting a good night’s sleep before getting a tattoo. Additionally, it is strongly advised to refrain from consuming alcohol, especially on the day of the appointment, as being under the influence of alcohol or drugs (including marijuana) will result in the cancellation of the appointment.

To avoid any potential drops in your blood sugar level during the tattoo session, Aviv recommend to bring some sweets along with you.

If you plan to get a tattoo during the summer months, it is important to ensure that your skin is healthy and free from any peeling or sunburns before the appointment. Getting a tattoo on damaged skin is not feasible.

To achieve a successful tattoo, it is essential for both the tattoo artist and the customer to take equal responsibility. The tattoo artist plays a significant role in contributing 50% towards the success of the tattoo, while the remaining 50% is the responsibility of the customer, which includes carefully following the aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing and maintenance of the tattoo.

Aviv advise that you visit him approximately one month after getting your tattoo, so that he can assess how it has healed.

Getting a cover up tattoo done well is often considered to be a challenging task. However, there are some tips that can help you prepare for a cover up consultation appointment. It is important to note that these tips may vary depending on the appearance of the old tattoo.

A well done cover up tattoo should not necessarily completely, physically covers the entire area of the old one. Keep in mind that the main goal of a good cover up is to effectively divert the attention from the old one.

A rule of thumb states that in order to achieve an effective and beautiful cover up, the size of the new tattoo have to be at least, about three times bigger than the old one.

Colored tattoos will be a better method to efficiently cover up the old tattoo than black and grey shades style colors are more opaque while grey shades are less.