Frequently asked questions

The tattooing process might be unclear. we’re here to help

tattooing process

The Tattooing Process

  • 1. Booking

    Book an appointment.
    For large and elaborate designs, a prior, separated consultation appointment is usually needed.
  • 2. Tattooing

    Getting your beautiful tattoo done.
    Large tattoos will be divided to few sessions.
  • 3. Aftercare

    Once the tattoo is done, the aftercare treatment begins.
    It’s usually takes between 2 – 4 weeks for the tattoo to heal.
  • 4. Check up

    A month after creating the tattoo, a check up is needed to make sure that the tattoo healed properly.

General FAQ's

Booking an appointment can be achieved by phone, email or Facebook. Contact Us

Consultation appointment is a prior , separate appointment from the actual tattoo one. It is needed in order to form a sketch on which the tattoo will be created by. On this appointment we will are discuss placement, size and artistic ideas.

Normally, for a simple tattoo design there is no need to book a consultation appointment. The designing of the tattoo will be taking place at the beginning of the tattoo appointment. That being said, most tattoo designs do need a consultation appointment. Book an appointment

It’s perfectly understandable if you are a bit vague when you’re trying to describe what you’re after. That’s exactly when we’re coming in to play by applying our artistic vision to custom fit your needs.
It would be best if you’ll gather and bring with you a few image *samples that could help us understand what you’re after. Preferably on USB flash drive.

*A good place to start drawing your inspiration and references from is Pinterest.

Make sure to sleep well the night before you’re getting the tattoo.
It’s recommended not to drink alcoholic drinks the night before, especially on the same day. Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs (including weed) at the tattoo appointment will get you’re appointment canceled!.

You can bring with you sweets to pump up your sugar level in case it drops.

In case that you’re getting a tattoo during summer time, make sure you avoid having peeled/ burned skin prior the tattoo appointment – it’s not possible to get a tattoo done on unhealthy skin.

50% of a successful tattoo is achieved by a good tattoo artist. The other 50% is achieved by the customer – taking care of it by applying the tattoo aftercare instructions.

We recommend that you’ll drop by the shop and let us see how the tattoo healed. Normally about one month after getting it. There is no need to book an appointment for that, just pop in during business hours.

Cover up tattoos are considered to be among the hardest tattoos to get done well.
Here are a few tips to help you being more prepared for a cover up consultation appointment (keep in mind that there are exceptions since it all depends on the way the old tattoo looks like):

A well done cover up tattoo should not necessarily completely, physically covers the entire area of the old one. Keep in mind that the main goal of a good cover up is to effectively divert the attention from the old one.

A rule of thumb states that in order to achieve an effective and beautiful cover up, the size of the new tattoo have to be at least, about three times bigger than the old one.

Colored tattoos will be a better method to efficiently cover up the old tattoo than black and grey shades style – colors are more opaque while grey shades are less.

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