Best tattoo shop to choose from in Tel aviv

tattoo shop in tel aviv

Choosing the right tattoo shop in Tel aviv

In past years, not many people would consider getting a tattoo. In fact, at that time there were only a handful of good tattoo shops in Tel aviv.

Ever since tattoo tv shows started to pop up and spread the word so effectively globally, the whole industry has changed for ever. Nowadays, tattoos are main stream. As a result of the increasing demand for good tattoos, many more tattoo shops in Tel aviv have been established.

With that in mind, there are so many tattoo shops in Tel aviv to choose from. How can you tell which one is the best tattoo shop that deserves your trust? Well, there are four main guidelines to follow:


1. Check the reviews, read the comments and ask around. Business reputation usually well reflected online.

2. visit the shops website. A nice looking, easy to use and well informed website is a good indication that the shop is well maintained as well. In addition, it is a good source for more valuable information about the shop look and its crew.

3. Prior the booking of the appointment, it’s a good idea to visit the shop, If you can. While you are in it, look around you and notice the level of cleanliness. A well maintained tattoo shop will have its garbage bins not overflowing and its floor clean from stains of colors and blood. One more nice tip, check the toilet room – although it doesn’t have to look as a 5 stars hotel toilet, it must not look as a third world country’s toilet.

4. Ask to see a valid business license. Israeli’s best tattoo shops must have license to perform tattoo procedure. This also includes a permit from the Ministry of Health.

In conclusion, these are only few points that come to mind. Generally speaking, use your common sense and listen to your instincts.

Keep in mind that leading, best tattoo shops in Tel aviv are usually busy throughout the year. Make sure that you book your next tattoo appointment at Spring Tattoo in advance.